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Building customers’ loyalty is a preoccupation for everyone owning a business. Choose the right products, offer a varied and unusual selection are the key to invite customers to come back. Home fragrance is an excellent way to encourage loyalty as it will be consumed, unlike furniture or decoration objects that are not replaced very often. Besides, if the product is at a reasonable price, customers can buy it more often.

  • A quality product

Speaking of high-end fragrance, quality is the condition for buying the product again. If customers can choose different levels of quality and sometimes use a simpler fragrance to deodorize their car or bathroom, the quality required for their bedroom or living room will not be the same. It is thus essential to have a diffusive product that spreads a nice and subtle fragrance.

  • Original fragrances that people can associate to their home

Basic fragrances or fragrances sold in supermarkets can be difficult to appropriate as the smell of our home. However, some classic fragrances such as vanilla or amber can have very interesting and different olfactory interpretations. It is the subtlety and originality of the scent that will enable people to consider the fragrance as the smell of their home.

  • Offer a range wide enough to encourage discovery inside the brand

Once the customer is convinced by the quality of the product and faithful to the brand, don’t forget his need of discovery and novelty! New fragrances, different products... customers need to have novelties to discover. Besides, they can privilege candles in the living room but diffusers in the office or bathroom. As they are convinced by the brand, if you offer them several products they will buy easily.

  • Tell a story

Customers are more and more sensitive to a responsible, evocating, meaningful purchase. They are sensitive to craftsmanship or a family business that they can relate to. And there is a real attraction for products made in France by small companies. Telling a story make a brand come true, alive. You don’t buy just a product, you buy something you like on a personal and ethic level.

  • All that perfectly displayed in the shop!

Nothing will be possible without a good presentation! It is impossible to make your customer discover a product if it is hidden in the back of the shop of if there is not tester to smell it. It is absolutely necessary for people to see the products, catch them in their hands, smell them, etc. The range must be visible so that the customers directly understands what he sees and can buy.

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