Home fragrances, a family adventure

Rekindle a memory, stimulate our imagination... Fragrance has the unique power to carry ourselves away.

Globetrotter, nature lover and inspired by the original idea of the olfactory travel, Norbert Hiblot and his wife founded Geodesis in 1996. Each fragrance evokes a plant, a flower, a fruit or a tree all associated to a region of our planet.

In 2017, Mathilde their eldest daughter joined them in the entrepreneurial adventure.

For 25 years, we have been renowned for our know-how that guarantees subtle fragrances and high quality products. 

Bougie parfumée naturelle made in France

Our products and commitments

Scented candles and home fragrances made in France

We have been specialised in the scented candles making for more than twenty years. Our candles are produced on our site in Vannes in the Morbihan department (France). We have a unique know-how and can guarantee the quality of our candles as they are made and controlled in-house. 

Our products do not contain any substances of animal origin and no products are tested on animals (It is important to know this is forbidden in France anyway).

Our wicks are made of cotton and their metal framework do not contain lead (Forbidden as well).

bougies parfumées naturelles made in France

What ingredients are used in the scented candles and reed diffusers?

Our candles are made with a blend of very high quality vegetable and mineral waxes. Recently, we have developed a new collection of  candles : The Nature collection made of an innovative blend containing sunflower wax

The success of our brand relies on the quality, the longevity and the power of diffusion of our candles.

A recent study led by the ADEME (a public institution belonging to the french Ministry of Ecology) concluded that a normal use of scented candles is not harmful to the health, regardless of the wax type. 

bougies parfumées naturelles made in France

What about the fragrances ?

Our fragrances are made in France and Spain. They are compliant with the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) regarding the manufacturing rules of good practice. The sensitising elements they may contain are listed on our packagings in compliance with the CLP regulation in effect among the European Union. Sensitising elements are usually present in the raw materials that compose the fragrances of our candles..

Parfum d'ambiance, bougie parfumée naturelle made in France


Scented candles, home diffusers and sprays made in France