Who we are ?

GEODESIS is a French perfume house specialised in the creation and manufacture of scented candles and home fragrances.

Since its creation 25 years ago, GEODESIS has explored the world to draw inspiration from the best fragrances in their original environment.

Each of our fragrances is composed of natural essences and magnifies one of these exceptional materials.

All our scented products are made in France, in our perfume workshop.

We invite you to discover the fragrant resources of our planet.

Our products and commitments

Scented candles and home fragrances made in France

All our products are made in France. The scented candles are made in our workshop in Vannes, Brittany and the rest of the scented products in the south of France. The choice of raw materials, assemblies and adjustments are made by us, with the permanent desire to maintain the level of quality at the origin of our success. Each production is rigorously tested by us before being marketed.

bougies parfumées naturelles made in France

What ingredients are used in the scented candles and reed diffusers?

Our candles are composed of a mixture of waxes of mineral and vegetable origin of very high quality. Since September 2018, we also offer an Ointment jar collection, whose wax formula is highly natural, based on sunflower wax.

Our products do not contain substances of animal origin.

Our wicks are made of cotton and their metal frame does not contain lead.

bougies parfumées naturelles made in France

What about the fragrances ?

Our fragrances are made in France and Spain. They comply with the recommendations of the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) in terms of good manufacturing practices.

Any sensitizers they may contain are listed on our packaging in accordance with the CLP regulations in force in the European Union.

Parfum d'ambiance, bougie parfumée naturelle made in France


Scented candles, home diffusers and sprays made in France