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A true know-how is needed to produce a scented candle of high quality: selecting the raw materials, making the blends and adjustments for a strong diffusion of the fragrance… All these steps can seem quite simple but they are  an art! This is why nowadays, very few companies make candles themselves.


Before producing the candles it is obviously necessary to choose the raw materials. Once they are gathered, here are the steps to make a scented candle:

  • The first step consists in blending all the ingredients together. To do so, the wax (or waxes) must be heated up to a certain temperature, variable depending on the wax. Once made liquid, the fragrance (liquid as well) is incorporated and the all is mixed in a big tank keeping it hot during the production.


  • Before pouring the candles, we need to insert the wick(s). The best way is to stick the wick so it does not move during pouring and when burning. Wicks with frame or made of wood have the advantage of staying straight during production and use of the candle.


  • The third step consist in filling the blend in the candle’s glass. Once poured, the candles are let aside to cool down and become completely solid. Once achieved, the wick is cut to offer a perfect burning. A wick too long will burn too much and smoke which is to avoid. This is why it is recommended to cut the wick as often as needed to so it always measures about 1 cm.


Then the products are properly wrapped and packaged before being sold!