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1- A unique and hand-made globe: a special gift for the ones in love of travelling !


Based in Besançon, Globe Sauter & Cie is a small company very attached to details and excellence. Alain Sauter, its founder, is a geographer who learned the know-how of this almost lost profession.

Their globes are covered with an up to date map, the time zones are put together with an extreme care and painting is made by hand with watercolor. The best materials and techniques are used so the globes can last through time.

Website : www.globesauter.fr

Instagram : @globesauter 


2- Customized (and delicious) biscuits to enjoy!


What better for the food lovers than a customized candy?

Whether it is for a special occasion or just for the pleasure to make someone you like happy, write a unique message on those delicious biscuits!

The Shanty Biscuits adventure started (coincidence!) with a birthday gift: a stamp for biscuits. It was a revelation! From there came the idea of writing a message on the biscuit, to add something and make it meaningful.

Website : https://shantybiscuits.com

Instagram : @shantybiscuits


3- Lovely handmade ceramic : useful AND beautiful ! 


Three Seven Paris offers an amazing collection of plates, glasses, tea cups made in their workshop in Paris. Each piece is unique and made by hand. From hand beating the clay to hand drawing each illustration, the human touch from their master crafts people is the secret recipe to achieving not only the beauty, but gentleness and strength of each Three Seven creation.

Website : https://threesevenparis.com/

Instagram : @threesevenparis


4- A Geodesis scented candle so that your house smells good!


We sure know it: to perfume our house changes everything. A pleasant smell makes people happy, relaxed. Fragrances are evocative and inspiring of places we have been and places we want to go to. They can be familiar or they can be a discovery. Besides the immediate pleasure of smelling a nice fragrance when coming back home, we get used to a particular smell that becomes our home’s fragrance.

Our candles are made in our workshop in Brittany thanks to a know-how developed since 22 years.

Discover our scented candles: Our candles