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5 (good) reasons to use scented candles

5 good reasons to use scented candles, Geodesis home fragrances

Candles have been existing for over 3000 years B.C. For a long time, their principal function was to bring light. Nowadays, they are used as an interior accessory bringing a decorative and personal touch to one's home, the finest thing being the scented candle.

If you are not already convinced, find out why you must by a candle right now:   


1- We like when it smells good at home

All day long we encounter a lot of smells. Our nose is often sollicitated and confronted to unpleasant scents. At the office, in the car, in public transportation, in the street, pollution, for some people the smell of tobacco... There are many times when we wince from displeasure.

Burning a candle at home is an extremely simple way to diffuse an agreeable fragrance in our house or flat and to feel good.

The same way as we take time to choose our perfume or the smell of our shower cream, the smell in our home is important and contributes to our well-being. 


2- It is original and personal

Your place does not smell like others'. You have a favorite fragrance you always use? Everyone will remember it as related to your cocoon. You love discovering novelties and always choose a new fragrance? Your friends will be delighted by every discovery and you will be considered as innovative and original.

The scent of your home is personal and brings you comfort and confidence.


3- Fragrance is evocative

Who does not have in mind a scent that will always remind them of a special memory? Memory is very connected to the sense of smell. As Proust, we all have our madeleine and the perfume can remind us a lot.

Fragrance is also evocative of a lot of pleasant things: the tiare flower will take us to sandy beaches from exotic islands, vanilla will evoke a sweet delicacy, balsam fir a walk in the woods.... Dreams from home are always good to take!


4- It is warm and friendly

Wether you are alone at home, with your beloved one or with friends, a candle is always warm and friendly. This little flame mooving and evoking distant times when electricity did not exist, this pleasant scent.... The atmosphere is cosy.

At a time when scandinavian Hygge is everywhere, the scented candle is more than ever the guarantee of an enjoyable ambiance and well-being at home.


5- In case of an electric breakdown, you will be saved... and it will smell good!

Well, maybe this is not the best argument at a time when everyone has a smartphone equipped with flashlight but still...