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Winter is coming, the cold and lack of sunlight makes us feel like staying in the couch next to the fireplace with a blanket, hot chocolate and candle.

For this limited edition candle we thought about many fragrances. Why not try again our cinnamon: spicy and gourmand? What about coffee wood? Or maybe candied orange?

Then we discovered the cedar created by our friend Florence Kusnierek, perfumer and founder of the company Le jardin de mon Grand-Père. A woody scent, strong and fresh at the time, it seduced us.

The Atlas cedar, as indicated by its name, originates from the Moroccan Atlas forests. It is a majestic tree that owns a very special scent. It is different from the red cedar, coming from North America.

Go for a new perfumed trip before it is too late, our limited edition is almost sold out! Discover the cedar candle.

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