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Our new innovative collection of scented candles

Geodesis parfums d'ambiance, bougies parfumées, diffuseur de parfum,  bougie déco cadeau femme innovante cire végétale

Our new scented candle entirely made of an innovative wax 

We have been working for months on a new Nature range that would respect our ethic and quality requirements. 

It is a great pleasure for us to present a new candle offering the same quality of diffusion than our other products. This was made possible thanks to an innovative wax composed of coconut and apricot kernel oil. We can stick to the level of quality responsible of our success since 22 years.   

16 fragrances are available here.

An original and trendy candle glass

We loved this new glass because it is original and vintage. For us it is a wink to our former style. If our design is now pure and modern, this brown glass is beautiful and coherent with our new look. The range stays harmonious. 

This candle is sold without box but with its lid.

Discover our new nature collection !